Welcome to Arabica

The scent of coffee brewing. The mingled sounds of several conversations. The smell of bread toasting and butter melting. The whir of coffee grinding and hiss of milk steaming. Laughing. Laptop keys clicking, pens writing and newspapers crinkling as they turn. Music in the background. And in your hands a ceramic mug. Inside? Simply a good cup of coffee.

At Arabica, we believe that the purpose of a café is that of environment. The experience, from walking through the entrance, to enjoying your drink, to the moment you exit, should be one enjoyment and relaxation, as close to a modern day sanctuary as possible. Every part of our café,from the coffee, to the food, to the music and art on the walls, aims to be a part of a peaceful yet reviving environment.

Of course, being a coffee shop, coffee is the top priority. We take pride in a giving you a phenomenal cup, and have worked hard over our nearly twenty years of business to perfect the beautiful art of coffee. We hope you get a chance to see the art in motion, taste the
dedication and join in the experience.

Light and floral in aroma, but sweet and berrylike on the tongue. It has a lingering lemon and mineral flavor on the finish. Like a barefoot slow dance on a cool stone floor. A blend of our coffees roasted especially for espresso machine use, but it tastes great no matter how you brew it. Expect a rich complexity, with sweet stone fruit, chocolate, and a mix of both sweet and savory.